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Pediatric Scholarship



The Patric Young Foundation strives to bring a message of hope, gratitude, perseverance, and empathy by pursuing our mission: Illuminating the Path to Wholeness.  We show up for those who are lost in the darkness of their circumstance – illuminating the path to overcome their unique challenges – providing funding and resources that lead to living life without limitations.  


Patric Young Foundation scholarships are provided to alleviate financial stress on families facing unexpected circumstances following a life-altering accident or injury.   


Scholarship award decisions will be made by the Foundations Grant Advisory Committee based upon the following criteria: thoroughness of application, needs of the patient illustrated in the submitted impact statement, amount of funds requested, and availability of Foundation funds.   


Scholarship award recipients will be notified via phone or email.  Scholarship funds up to $5,000 will be paid directly to the Brooks Rehab Pediatric Day Treatment Program on behalf of the recipient. 


  • Patient must reside in the United States. 

  • Patient must have completed Brooks Rehab evaluation and be recommended for the     Pediatric Day Treatment program.   

  • Patient must have sustained a life-altering accident or injury within the last 2 years.   

  • Patient must be 17 years of age or younger. 


Pediatric Scholarship Application

Patient Information

Tell Us Your Story - Impact Statement

Financial Information

Does the applicant have health insurance?

By filling out this application, the applicant and patient, by signing below, hereby grants the PATRIC YOUNG FOUNDATION, INC., the right to use my name, my information, and my story described herein, without compensation, in electronic form (including the PATRIC YOUNG FOUNDATION, INC., website and social media) and/or in PATRIC YOUNG FOUNDATION, INC.., publication or written material. 


Patient/Applicant understands that PATRIC YOUNG FOUNDATION, INC., will use my information, my submitted text, and my likeness only for promotional and/or educational purposes. I hereby agree to hold PATRIC YOUNG FOUNDATION, INC., its licensees and affiliates harmless from any liability resulting from my statements and actions depicted or described in the information, text and graphic representations herein submitted. 

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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